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Spicy Rotterdam-style Cheese Bagel

Spicy Rotterdam-style Cheese Bagel


We love a good savory and spicy bagel.  In lieu of a Jalapeño Asiago bagel, we’ve created our own delicious version nicknamed the Pittige Rotterdamse dedicated to Manhattan on the Maas with Rotterdamse Oude Cheese and Turkish Biber chili flakes. The best of the new world and the old world in one bite.

Don’t worry: No Dutch people were harmed in the creation of this bagel!  We’ve tested this on real Dutchies and they loved it. They said it had a small kick to it, but it was enjoyable and delicious.

Allergens: Gluten, milk, and coconut.  Due to our shared kitchen space, we cannot ensure an allergen-free environment.  In particular, there may be traces of peanuts.  if you’ve placed an order and you’re allergic to peanuts, please get in touch.

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