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Onion Bialy

Onion Bialy


Although technically not a bagel, our bialy is a rare treat in the Netherlands.  We follow a New York recipe to create a delicious and authentic onion bialy, which is best eaten warm and on the same day of baking.

In case you don’t know what a bialy is, it’s a cousin to the bagel with a softer interior and a “pocket” filled with fried onions somewhere between pizza and a bagel.

The bialy is short for bialystoker kuchen or Bialystok cake in Yiddish. Although it’s not a cake, it was originally baked in Bialystok (now Poland) before being brought over to New York by Jewish immigrants. We might not be on the Lower East Side, but we’re doing our best to ensure the taste is right.

*Cannot be shipped via normal post. Must be picked-up fresh or via same-day delivery.


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