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Everything Bagel

Everything Bagel


Your delicious standard everything bagel with all the good stuff.  Based on feedback, we’ve created two versions.  Choose wisely between our New Amsterdam-style and our New Yorkstyle where we don’t hold back on anything, especially making comments about the Yankees.

The New Amsterdam-style is intended for our first-time bagel eaters or just folks who aren’t used to intense flavors and don’t love garlic/onion.  This bagel is delicious, but we go a bit lighter on the seasoning here. No shame if you’re not ready for our New York style. ( Only half the bagel will have seeds.)

Our New York-style everything is for people who love the intensity of a real New York everything bagel with garlic, onion, salt, and the works.  We’ve done a lot of experimenting to get the flavor right and the goal here was replicating the taste of my favorite Queens bagel store’s everything bagel. This is our pride and joy. It has an intense garlic and onion flavor. This bagel has seeds on both sides.

Allergens: Gluten and coconut.  Due to our shared kitchen space, we cannot ensure an allergen-free environment.  In particular, there may be traces of peanuts.  if you’ve placed an order and you’re allergic to peanuts, please get in touch.


Subtle or Intense

Subtle (New Amsterdam), Intense (New York)

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