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Christmas Pre-Orders

Christmas Pre-Orders


Pre-order for our Christmas Pre-Order Sampler Pack (12 bagels). Enjoy bagels with your family this Christmas!

  • Mail Deliveries: Shipped December 21 or December 22nd. 
  • Same-day delivery on December 21st/December 24th.
  • Pick-ups: December 24th in the Hague and Rotterdam.  More details to follow.

Allergens: Gluten and coconut. Due to our shared kitchen space, we cannot ensure an allergen-free environment.  In particular, there may be traces of peanuts.  If you’ve placed an order and you’re allergic to peanuts, please get in touch.

One of our Christmas specials (large) includes a non-vegan bagel, so please get in touch if you’re vegan, so I can swap them out for a vegan bagel. 

Vegan-friendly/ Vegan upon request.

If you’d like your bagels gift-wrapped, please leave a note.

If this is shipped, please note that these bagels will need to be toasted upon arrival–and if not consumed immediately, the bagels should be frozen.


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