Pick-ups and Delivery

Deliveries by mail

We are shipping with DHL on Wednesdays. Shipments typically take 1-2 days. Shipping costs 5.50 for packages. We seal the bagels specially for shipments.  

You are responsible for picking up your bagels if they are sent by post.  We understand that DHL may not always knock, but you can always email us to check on the status of your order. However, you do have the tracking number as well. 

Same-day delivery [NL besides Rotterdam]

We offer same-day delivery within the Netherlands with a private courier.  This is only on Thursdays.  This service costs 9 euros, however we will bake the bagels fresh for you the same-day..  

Our courier picks them up at lunch and they are delivered across the Netherlands the same day to your doorstep.  Deliveries arrive as early as 4pm in Amsterdam and go as late as 9-10pm.  We will ask if you are okay with a late delivery as this is sometimes needed. You can email us if you need an update about your delivery.

Single orders over 40 euros will be automatically upgraded to same-day delivery.

We do allow for the pooling of multiple orders together to one address. We ask that you clearly mark which orders belong to which person–and we will ensure that these orders are sealed separately. As always, please discuss your situation (please ensure you’re healthy; wear a face mask; do not touch others’ orders) before opting into this.   The free upgraded shipping does not apply in the case of a pooled order and you will need to pay 9 euros for the total order.  With pooled orders, you can check out together or separately.  We will need a list of the complete orders separated if ordered together.  Ensure that it clearly marks that you are part of the pool if separating out separately.  Please contact us  and we will refund you the shipping to split the cost with the other person that is part of the order (4.50 euros for two people; 3 euros per person for 3 people). You can only pool a maximum of 3 orders to one address.  

Same-day delivery [Zuid Holland: Schiedam, The Hague, Voorburg, Wassenaer, Delft & Rotterdam] on Fridays

We offer same-day delivery fresh out of our kitchen with a new courier that we are working with.  This costs 6 euros per delivery [We are doing a first run with this courier; this price might change a little!] If you’re interested and live in Zuid Holland, but not one of these cities, drop us a message and we can let you know if it’s possible.

Our courier picks them up around 1pm and they’ll be delivered in the afternoon from 1:30-6pm approximately. Please ensure that you are home.  You can email us if you have questions about this. 


Rotterdam Spaanse Polder: Our workshop 12:30pm . By appointment; Please email us!

Location: Industrieweg 44 [Rotterdam]

Best by bike or car.  Also accessible via bus 32 (from center) and walking over the bridge. Next to Schiedam and exit 11 (Rotterdam Delftshaven) off the A20 highway. 

Due to COVID-19, we do not allow guests into our kitchen per our kitchen’s regulations.


Free parking!

The Hague region: Voorburg* (Evenings by appointment.) Please email us!

Location: In the neighborhood of Den Haag Laan van NOI station. Precise address/pick-up instructions to be sent to you after your order is confirmed.

Hours: Fridays after 5pm. You must contact us for other times.*


Saturday pick-up is paused for March.

Other deliveries/pick-ups

We do delivery for large orders on a limited basis.  Please contact us in advance. 

We do same-day deliveries to Amsterdam about once a month that we announce on social media. 

We deliver gift baskets via our courier.

If you’re interested in helping us with doing a fresh bagel pick-up in your city with picking up from our workshop, please get in touch!