Pick-ups and Delivery

We only operate in the Hague since moving from Rotterdam. We offer frozen deliveries via this website and fresh pick-up at our cafe in the Hague. This webshop is only for frozen deliveries.

Frozen Deliveries (Thursdays*)

For deliveries: We do frozen delivery by courier on Thursdays.

You should be home on Thursdays between 8-18 and/or ensure that a neighbor can take your package (frozen). Please do not delay picking up the package as it will defrost. Our courier makes a reasonable number of attempts to deliver with calling you if you are not home prior to delivering to a neighbor if you are not home.   

If you’re unsure where your bagels are by 5pm the night of your delivery, please contact us by email within 12 hours and we will check on your delivery to determine where it is.  They are normally with a neighbor.  

(Note: Our official phone is kept at the cafe, so Whatsapp and calls will not be answered until the next workday.)

We do not provide refunds if you are not home and do not respond to messages after we have tried multiple times to deliver to you.  We are not liable for the product defrosting as it went to your neighbors as you were not home when we have given sufficient notice about the delivery. We do our utmost to ensure that it goes to you directly, but we can only do so much.

Please ensure that your address is right and please double-check it. If it is not correct or is not valid, we do not provide refunds. Similarly, if you are not home for your delivery after we have notified you of the timings and made reasonable attempts to contact you by phone, we do not provide refunds. 

You can order whenever, however we will confirm your order by email during our working hours.

Fresh pick-up at the cafe

You can order directly via us with calling or Whatsapp +31 642661915 during our opening hours

We do not provide refunds if you forget to pick up.  

For larger orders (30+) or catering, you can read more about catering here.

To ensure we can bake your complete order, it is best to order by 12 pm the day before, at a minimum. We do not bake every bagel variety (specifically sweet bagels) every day, but we will do our best to accommodate your order!

We will confirm that your order is feasible during our working hours.

In rare cases, we do not have the capacity to make your order due to limited staffing.