Hi, you probably have some questions.  We hope to give you some answers.  If you’re still unsure, please send us an email or Whatsapp!

We require 48-hours notice for orders both at the cafe and by delivery.  This ensures that we can properly proof your bagels and reserve them as we aim for zero waste. We deliver each Friday.

For sandwiches, you can come by for takeaway. We also deliver on Thuisbezorgd within the Hague. You can call us if you have any questions or if you’d like to have an order ready for a specific time when we are open.

Click for our up-to-date pick-up information.

We have our own cafe in the Hague on Korte Molenstraat.  We do not bake in Rotterdam anymore.

Our hours are kept up-to-date on Google.

For frozen deliveries

By default, our deliveries are done frozen.  Your bagels will come already sealed for the freezer and already sliced.  You just need to put them into your freezer. These should be good for up to 6 months sealed and frozen. 

Keep your bagels in the freezer until you’re ready to eat them.  You can leave your bagel overnight to defrost for the morning and/or defrost in a combi-oven/microwave before toasting in the morning.

Tips for freezing your bagels

We recommend freezing your bagels as soon as you get them. 

Theoretically, we do recommend slicing your bagel before freezing it for easier portion control and defrosting.  You can use ziploc bags to freeze your bagels.

To Defrost Your Bagel 

With a combi oven

2 minutes at 200 watts; cut (if whole); toast for 1-2 minutes until perfectly crisp. 

With a microwave

Take bagel out.  Sprinkle a little water on it.  Put on microwave safe dish. Microwave at 450 watts for 2.5 minutes. Do 10 seconds more until it’s soft enough to cut. Open the bagel up and do a minute more.  

With an oven only

Leave out until defrosted (can be overnight in the bag for the morning!)  Preheat your oven to 175 degrees. Cut and put the soft sides up. Bake for 10-15 minutes until warm.  

Nearly all of the bagels are vegan besides our cheese jalapeno.  You can see our full assortment of vegan bagels.

If you are lucky enough to have an authentic Dutch combi-oven (e.g. microwave/oven), you’re in luck as this is the perfect way to toast your bagel, especially after they’re frozen. 

If frozen, I recommend toasting the bagel for about 2-3 minutes at 100 watts (microwave setting) before cutting your bagel and toasting at 150 C for about 2-3 minutes on the oven setting until it seems warm and toasted. 

If they’re just a day old, a toasting of 2 minutes using the oven or toaster at 150 C is enough to freshen your bagel up! 

If you are buying fresh from our cafe:  Bagels are best eaten fresh, but we recommend freezing those that you will not consume in the next 24 hours. They keep pretty beautifully and it’s always lovely to take a bagel out of your freezer to snack on! We have toasting instructions above. 

Usually the bagels keep pretty well over 24-36 hours left out on the counter. They’re bread, so you might want to toast your bagel in the oven to warm it up! We recommend slicing it first.

If you won’t be eating your bagels the next day, our frozen bagels might be a better option.

Yes.  We have delivery across the entirety of the Netherlands. We require 48-hours notice due to needing to bake and/or pack orders.

We have shipped with next day delivery to Hungary and France and if you’re interested in our bagels, we can deliver to you via UPS.  Email us and we can make your bagel dreams happen. This is on special request only.*

Some are only baked on special order, so please email us if you have questions. Whole wheat is a harder dough to work with (for instance), so we only make it on special request. 

For deliveries by mail/same-day, we don’t make too many extras and cannot accommodate late orders. 

You can try your luck at our closing in The Hague at our cafe, but we cannot make any promises.


If you have questions about orders, please email us directly or Whatsapp us +31 64266 1915. Please provide your full name.

You can contact us here.

Ja zeker! Karen spreekt vloeiend Nederlands. Engels is ook fijn!

No. I once carried a 2L of water from JFK back to Holland to taste test a batch.  If you cannot make a good bagel here, it’s on you; not the water.  Zuid Holland actually has fantastic water. 

The best bagels are fresh-made, not frozen. What makes New York bagels so good is that they’re fresh and made by experts who have great technique.

Our bagels are handmade in Rotterdam with love by a native New Yorker who has spent years perfecting her recipe to match the mouth-feel of a Queens bagel.  If we’re doing New York Bagels, we are going to do them properly. 

A native New Yorker who is born and raised in Queens, New York City now living in Zuid Holland. 

Yes! We’re very proud to have 100% vegan bagels besides those bagels clearly marked non-vegan (e.g. cheese jalapeno).

We find that they keep 1-2 days, but you’ll need to toast your bagel after a day (150 C / 8 minutes) to warm it up properly. Our bagels are all made 100% fresh daily and they’re most delicious on the same day. 

If you freeze your bagels, they’ll last for a long time.

We make all of our bagels to order and it’s a two-day process.  Our batches are limited, so we ask for 48-hour notice for any cancellations.  

We do not provide refunds for orders that are not picked-up.  

Please contact us. 

There is no minimum, but we have a maximum without a reservation if you come to the cafe.  Please reserve if you want more than six bagels as it impacts our planning!

We accept most major cards. We do not accept cash payments. 

If you have an issue paying, please get in touch with us.

We cannot ensure an 100% allergy-free environment.  Gluten is the main allergen within our bagels, but we use a product with coconut. Please email us if you have questions or notify us of allergies first!

We regularly use sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and oregano in the kitchen.  If you are allergic to any of the following items, we cannot accommodate you. 

Nut products are used in our kitchen.

One is enough for lunch with lots of toppings on it, but it depends on your level of self-control…

All we can say is that your loved ones will want one, so be sure to order enough for your loved ones to share. We realize the coronavirus situation isn’t ideal for big brunches, but we usually manage to eat 2-4 bagels in a weekend between two people.

Yes, please email us! We are happy to set this up!