10 Delicious Bagel Toppings + Meal Ideas

A few of you have asked us for advice on how to eat your bagel.

How to defrost your bagel after frozen*

First of all, it’s important to note that if you get our bagels via post or even fresh, please put all the ones that you will not eat immediately into the freezer. They will keep better this way! Some people prefer to slice them first. To defrost with a Dutch combi-oven, you can do 1.5 minutes at 300 watts or 2-3 minutes at 100 watts on the microwave setting. Then do the toasting setting for 150 C for about 2-3 minutes.

Delicious Breakfast / Brunch Bagels

The classic: A bit of cream cheese and fresh dill sprinkled on it.

The other classic: Cream cheese, dill, salmon. *Vegan salmon: Vegan Seastar Zalmon Sashimi. Done and done.

Bodega classic: Eggs [can be a vegan egg replacement], cheese, and cream cheese. You’ll want to ensure the egg is just formed enough that you can fold it onto your bagel, but a bit of cheese (vegan or real), and a little cream cheese is perfect. Add hot sauce if you want a bit more kick.

An American classic: Bacon [can be vegan bacon!], Eggs, Cheese, and ketchup (or your preferred breakfast bagel topping). Hot sauce is great for an extra kick.

Cali inspired bagel: Avocado slices, a bit of cheese*, cream cheese*, a little butter to spread, and an egg*. (*All can be veganized.)

Vegan Bagel Sandwiches (for lunch or dinner)

Hummus and rocket make for a delicious and healthy meal! You can also add pesto for a little flavor.

Olive oil, rocket or spinach, two slices of vegan cheese, sundried tomato, and a bit of hummus make for a great vegan and Mediterranean bagel!

Best combinations with sweet bagels*

Our sweet bagels are a bit different as they aren’t the best for a sandwich, but we can recommend using cream cheese for sure.

Many of our clients also enjoy putting jam and cream cheese together on the bagels. Strawberry jam is quite nice in particular on our Cinnamon Raisin!

Cream cheese and strawberries are delicious. If you blend them up, you’ll get a strawberry cream cheese, but they’re also pretty delicious together just like this!

For a very decadent dessert, Nutella is great on our chocolate bagels!

If you have a favorite bagel combination, please send us your recipe to share here!

Cream cheeses that we love*

  • Lactose-free: Arla Lactose-vrij Roomkaas (at AH).
  • Vegan: Violife (at AH)
  • Full dairy: Philly (at AH)