About NLBagels

Founded by a native New Yorker from New York City, Netherlands Bagels is here to bring proper bagels to Holland.  The founder, Karen, has been tinkering with her recipe for a few years trying to nail the perfect taste of a New York bagel. If you’ve been missing real bagels in the Netherlands, you’re in the right place. 

No more “inspired” bagels that are closer to toast with a hole in it. We’re certainly not your bubbe’s bagel shop, but your bubbe would definitely enjoy these bagels.

The owner, Karen, is a proud New Yorker with New York roots on both sides.  Her great grandfather was a member of the Bakers and Confectionary Union in New York around the turn of the century.  He made traditional Galician breads and although we’ve skipped a few generations, we’re proud to continue this legacy of bread making.  

Netherlands Bagels has a very small team of three coming from Afghanistan and United States.  Lauren grew up in the DC area while Shiba is originally from Afghanistan.  

Unfortunately our bagels are not certified kosher as we cook in a shared kitchen with other food entrepreneurs, but we cook kosher-style/halal-style.  Almost all of our bagels are 100% plant-based/vegan-friendly.  (We will state on the description if not.)

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Native New Yorker. Favorite bagel: Everything bagel.

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Bagel Maker

American (although grew up all over the world!). Lover of baking. Favorite bagel: Spicy Rotterdammer!

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Bagel Maker

DC native turned Rotterdammer. Favorite bagel: Everything bagel.

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Bagel Maker

Originally from Afghanistan, Shiba is our master roller of bagels. Favorite bagel: Everything Bagel