Netherlands Bagels

No-nonsense New York Bagels in Holland.
Made by a New Yorker.

Bagel sandwich assortment

We've now launched on Uber Eats for bagel sandwiches in Rotterdam! You can order directly through us via Whatsapp!

For bagel boxes, gift baskets, and loose bagels, you need to order this online through this website or contact us directly as they are not available via Uber. Please order one day ahead for loose bagels to ensure we have your bagels in stock.

(Due to Ascension Day, same day delivery is on Friday this week only.*)

Wednesday: 11am-2pm
Thursday 11am-2pm
Friday: 12-2pm.

Started by a native New Yorker who has been perfecting her bagels for friends and family for a few years, Netherlands Bagels is a company with a singular mission: to perfect the New York Bagel.  Too long we’ve accepted that bagels in the Netherlands are the equivalent of a piece of toast with a hole in it. We aim for that garlicky onion-y goodness with our everything bagels and the intensity that you expect when you bite into a real New York Bagel. We’re certainly not your bubbe’s bagel store, but we promise to bring a bit of the Lower East Side to Holland with a side of schmear. (Yes, we do sell that too.)

We are proud to have New York roots–and my great grandfather was a baker part of the Bakers Union in New York City in the late 1800s/1900s where he produced traditional breads from Galicia. Simply, we take a lot of pride in making a good bagel and can’t wait to introduce you (or re-introduce) you to your favorite bagels in the Netherlands.

At the moment, we are online-only with pick-ups in Zuid Holland around the Hague and Rotterdam (ask us if you’re unsure if we deliver to you!), but we also ship throughout the Netherlands. We do offer same-day delivery throughout the Netherlands on certain days.  If you’re in Rotterdam, please order a sandwich with us.  Just drop us a note if you’d like to pick up during our new opening hours, so that we can let you in as we work out of an industrial kitchen but love to chat with masked up folks!!

Cheddar jalapeno bagel with scallion cream cheese
New York style Everything Bagels
I opened my bag only to immediately have to bite into the spicy cheese bagel that was on top. Absolute heavenly chewiness perfection. These are the best bagels I've potentially ever had and I lived in New York!
November 2020
I moved to the Netherlands two and a half years ago and ever since then I've been on the search for good bagels. I can finally rest. This is it.
November 2020
Amazing quality and the best I've had in a long time (in the Netherlands or otherwise). The spicy Rotterdam cheese is out of this world!
November 2020
These were possibly THE freshest bagels I've ever had, but also the best. It's hard to describe the texture but it's perfect. You can taste the care that went into it.

We require 24-hours notice for just bagel orders per the website of 12+.  Please ensure that your order is in by 12pm the day before.

For sandwiches, you don’t need to plan ahead, but you’re also limited to what is in stock.  Please send us a message ahead to reserve!

For varieties that we don’t have in stock, we are open to making them if you are ordering more than 6, so please get in touch if you’re missing a favorite bagel that we don’t have currently in stock!

We also offer same-day delivery across NL on Thursdays and same-day delivery in Zuid Holland on Fridays only.  Pick-up is possible by appointment at our kitchen.

Don't kvetch any longer. Bagels every week.

Ensure that you meet our order cut-offs. Delivery is by mail is on Tuesdays and deliveries with our couriers are on Thursdays for NL and Fridays for Zuid Holland [The Hague; Rotterdam; Wassenaar; Delft]. Orders must be in 12pm prior to these days for the applicable order.*

For lunch sandwiches, you can pick up Thursday-Saturday between 11/11:30-2 (generally).

Our Delivery Schedule

Bagels sent by mail on Wednesdays typically with 1-2 day shipping.
Deadline for ordering: Wednesday 12pm.

*Minimum of 12 bagels as of May 1st.

Fresh deliveries throughout NL on Thursdays and Friday evenings.

Deadline for ordering: Wednesday or Thursday 12pm

Time for delivery: 4-10pm

Orders over 40 euros are upgraded to same-day shipping.  We recommend this for the freshest bagels.

With same-day deliveries (beyond Zuid Holland), we aim for before 8pm, however there can be delays and we only do late deliveries on the opt-in basis. 

We do not ship by mail close to major holidays due to delays.

Our Pick-up schedule

If you are looking for pick-up at other times, please get in touch with us. 

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